Portfolio Highlights

Integrating New Brand Look Across Sales Materials.


Prinova, a global ingredients supplier, needed a fresh set of sales materials after a major rebranding that included a new company name. We developed an illustrative approach to separate them from competitors in all the industries they now serve. Materials include folders, brochures, sell sheets, e-blast templates, banner and print ads, and trade show materials.

New Design App for Knitters.

DKinterfaceDKiconInterface design for iPad apps needs to be functional as well as appealing. DesignKNIT was created for advanced knitters who design their own patterns.

The app is easy: touch a stitch, touch a square. Included is a stitch library as well as the ability for knitters to store their own designs in their sketchpad, Dropbox, or their photo library. Social tools allow sharing and designs can also be exported.

Visit iTunes to check out this app.

DesignKNIT has been sold to the fine folks at Knit Companion. You can get more info on their Ravelry page.


Sweet New Blog Design for Sweet Treats.


Allison needed a design upgrade to keep up with the quality of her gourmet chocolate business.

We worked closely with her to structure the blog’s content and create a design that is integrated into her online storefront. Customers may now explore her recipes and read interviews as well as order vegan chocolates, caramels, brittle, and cookies.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are revolutionary.

ripon-revolutionWe created a campaign to help marketers think more broadly about reaching prospects. In the age of social media, many forget that integration of multiple channels wields more sticking power than a more narrow focus.

Promotional campaign for Ripon Printers: print and digital ads, direct mail, white paper

Award-winning packaging gains global attention.

The power of the Internet never ceases to amaze me. Ditto with the size of our planet. One of our clients’ brands has been hitting the blogosphere with a vengeance the past few months, all without a marketing budget. I attribute the notoriety to quirky and good design, a very unique product concept, and clever writing, not to mention that our client obviously knew and understood the target demographic quite well.


A while back we created The Spice Outfit® brand of spice blends for CCC Brands of Chicago. Tom, CCC Brands president, approached us with an idea for a series of specialty blends under a Chicago Mob-related theme. He’d already been doing some serious research on the subject and had his target markets and sales channels all mapped out.

The resulting product packaging won an American Package Design Award and is garnering attention in no less than nine different countries, blog after blog. The Dieline and Lovely Package likely being the most popular. Packaging Digest Magazine has also covered the story of The Spice Outfit.

Who knew Mob-related packaging could be such a huge hit? This project was honestly one of the most fun we’ve worked on since starting MondoVox in 2000.