The brand is everything today. Most marketers believe that nothing is more important to their organization’s success – let alone their personal careers – than protecting the brand. But just because marketers think it’s important doesn’t mean companies are doing it well.

A corporate brochure is a prime opportunity for brand positioning, so make sure you spend enough upfront time on the brand component. According to Branding Strategy Insider, success depends on having a clear, concise and consistent brand position.

Don’t minimize the importance of “clear and concise.” What makes a tagline so difficult is boiling down your organization’s personality into a few words. It’s the same with defining your brand. To be effective, everyone needs to easily understand your brand’s central values. Make some inquires around your company. Odds are you’ll get a wide range of descriptions, probably none of them right.

So be sure to ask your team these three questions:

  • What is our brand?
  • How does it behave?
  • What does it stand for?

If you’re comfortable with the answers, then you’re ready to proceed with a corporate brochure.

But Do You Really Need a Corporate Brochure?

Some marketers today think corporate brochures are a waste of time and money. Online is where everything is happening, they reason, so put your money there. But that’s shortsighted.

The Web has its place, but it is only one option, and not always the preferred choice. Portability is still a huge benefit to many information recipients, and print is a welcome relief from having to stare at a computer screen.

Brochures also carry higher credibility. Virtually any business can get on the Web today, but not every company has the resources to produce an effective corporate brochure.

Don’t underestimate the value of shelf life, either. Buyers don’t usually make instant decisions, especially for high-ticket products and services. They are more likely to keep a brochure they requested than bookmark your website.

Finally, the lessons of progressive marketing are choice and multi-channel integration. We know that as soon as you start choosing the medium for your customers, you’re in trouble. They make the choices, not you.

Study after study also demonstrates that well-integrated, multi-channel campaigns work better than any medium alone. So think through how your corporate brochure will integrate with a larger communications strategy having both print and online touchpoints.

Want Expert Advice?

MondoVox can help you develop a corporate brochure that achieves your organization’s communication goals. We can help clarify your branding and provide creative execution that distinguishes your corporate brochure from the competition. For more information, email Julia Moran Martz. To see examples of our corporate brochure work, visit our website.

— by Larry Bauer