MondoVox® Creative Group Develops Award-Winning Campaign for Ripon Printers

February 2010
Chicago, Illinois

MondoVox® Creative Group (Chicago, IL), a brand and marketing consultancy for consumer and business-to-business products and services, recently created an award-winning campaign for Ripon Printers (Ripon, WI), a leading printer of catalogs, publications, manuals and soft-cover educational products. The company received the prestigious National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) Marketing Plus™ Award. This competition acknowledges and recognizes those printing companies that have created and produced successful marketing campaigns and collateral for the self-promotion of their companies.

Ripon Printers was the sole recipient of the Gold Award in the Vertical Markets category for printers with more than $2 million in annual sales. Entries in this category consisted of campaigns to promote company core competencies and services specifically relevant to identified vertical markets and positioning the company as an effective market leader in these market segments.

“Ripon Printers is an outstanding printing company and client,” says MondoVox President Julia Moran Martz. “They are open to seeing the market in new ways and believe in the power of communications. The collaborative effort between their marketing team and ours clearly produced results that outpaced most companies in the printing industry.”

The award-winning campaign focused on the small to mid-size catalog market. Key elements of the integrated, multichannel campaign created by MondoVox include a series of print and banner ads run in Multichannel Merchant magazine, a series of “Tips” booklets used for inquiry fulfillment, a website revamp, a trade show booth and show promotional materials. Results of the campaign were outstanding and contributed to Ripon Printers developing more than 100 new accounts in 2009 worth millions of billing dollars during one of the worst economies on record.


Tip book set promotion.


Redesigned website with promotions throughout.


2009 print and banner ad campaign.


Trade show booth pop-up and premailer.

About MondoVox® Creative Group

MondoVox® Creative Group is a brand and marketing consultancy specializing in branding, marketing and advertising solutions for consumer and B2B products and services. Because we implement all aspects of each project including research, strategy, design and production, we ensure the quality and coherence required to increase brand value. Our multi-talented team provides market research, product and service naming, brand structuring and development, product design, package design, packaging graphics, sales and promotional collateral, POP and environmental communications, advertising, e-marketing, and interactive. To learn more, visit

About Ripon Printers

Ripon Printers serves small to mid-sized catalog marketers and publishers, producing catalogs and directories as well as manuals and soft-cover educational products. Founded in 1962 with just 13 employees, Ripon Printers is now more than 300 employees strong and equipped with the latest technologies from premedia through fulfillment and distribution. Linking the company’s capabilities together is an obsessive devotion to customer delight that places client satisfaction above any other business goals. For more information, visit

About NAPL

NAPL is a not-for-profit business management association representing companies in the $120+ billion commercial printing and graphic communications industry in North America. NAPL’s comprehensive slate of business-building solutions provides company leaders with the management tools they need to make informed business decisions in an ever-changing market environment. The association also handles administration of NAQP, the National Association of Quick Printers, which specializes in the unique concerns of small printers nationwide, and the industry’s Research and Engineering Council, which is dedicated to manufacturing technology and productivity improvement issues. For more information on NAPL or its affiliated associations visit

For more information contact:
Julia Moran Martz, president
(312) 850-1589

New MailVox Report: See which email clients your readers are using.

We already knew our MailVox email campaign software was better than the competing software but we didn’t stop there. I’m thrilled to announce that this week, we’ve incorporated a new report that shows exactly which email clients your readers are using to view your email campaigns. And not only that, our team has been tracking this information for campaigns sent over the last 6 months, just waiting for this day when we can offer you this additional report.

That ‘other’ big competitor (whom shall remain nameless) cannot offer this. They also don’t have the ability to test your emails in various email applications and show you screen shots of each. Of course, we do both.


(click this image to view a sample report)

This latest report mitigates one of the primary frustrations of designing email campaigns: consistency across email applications. You’ll be able to see exactly which email clients to test for your campaigns. You’ll know if Lotus Notes really matters to the folks on your subscriber list and whether or not you need to have us spend more time finessing your emails for those audiences. You’ll know exactly how many people used their iPhone to read your email. And not only that, the report splits the results by version too. So you can see whether or not you really need to worry about Outlook 2007 or 2003.

Until now, this was all guesswork. Many folks assumed that B2C subscribers used Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo while B2B used Outlook/Notes. You don’t have to assume anymore. Just reviewing your online report allows your emails to be designed and programmed to your specific audience. No extra time spent on email applications that aren’t actually used.

Yes, this can save design and development time for your email projects. Feel free to contact me for a free demo or if you’re a client, just log on and view your new reports.

Have a great weekend!


Award-winning packaging gains global attention.

The power of the Internet never ceases to amaze me. Ditto with the size of our planet. One of our clients’ brands has been hitting the blogosphere with a vengeance the past few months, all without a marketing budget. I attribute the notoriety to quirky and good design, a very unique product concept, and clever writing, not to mention that our client obviously knew and understood the target demographic quite well.


A while back we created The Spice Outfit® brand of spice blends for CCC Brands of Chicago. Tom, CCC Brands president, approached us with an idea for a series of specialty blends under a Chicago Mob-related theme. He’d already been doing some serious research on the subject and had his target markets and sales channels all mapped out.

The resulting product packaging won an American Package Design Award and is garnering attention in no less than nine different countries, blog after blog. The Dieline and Lovely Package likely being the most popular. Packaging Digest Magazine has also covered the story of The Spice Outfit.

Who knew Mob-related packaging could be such a huge hit? This project was honestly one of the most fun we’ve worked on since starting MondoVox in 2000.